My name is Christina Adams and I'm a designer currently based in Minneapolis Minnesota.

I was once told that being a Jack-of-all-trades was a bad thing, and that I needed to focus on one skill. I don’t believe this to be true, and I’m really happy I didn’t listen.

Design consumes my life from my day to day responsibilities as an interactive designer creating user centered desktop and mobile experiences to deciding where to shop by judging businesses by the typeface they use in their logo. I’m also known to do impromptive deisgn reviews (to whomever is listening) of everything from advertising to parking lot design that I come across while going about my daily life.

I design user interfaces experiences with wire frames, make those wireframes beautiful through detailed visual design, and then bring them to life with HTML, CSS, and jQuery/javascript coding.

I am also an experienced graphic designer with a B.S. in Graphic Design. I have a deep respect and passion for old processes and doing things the ‘slow’ way. I’m obsessed with letterpress (I actually own a very small press and a few sets of lead type). I love to screen print. I like to develop and process black and white photographic film manually and develop the images by hand. Call me crazy but without understanding and appreciating the tradition and the history you can’t really know the present technologies and processes. At the very least you develop a deep respect for how things were created in the past and the quality that was produced.

All in all the goal is rich, immersive, and beautiful experiences whether the medium is paper or pixels.


UI/UX/Information Architecture
Mobile & Responsive Design
After Effects

Applicable Hobbies:

Screen Printing