Course Development Process Overview

I designed and developed this piece from scratch to serve as an overview to the Course Development Process within Capella University. It highlights the key players in the process, where each key player is involved, milestones, and what each key player is responsible for through each step.

The major challenge in this was to condense a metric ton of content into an easy to navigate visual summary of the process. The goal was to keep this from being overwhelming for the end user and get as much information across visually without having to search for answers by clicking around too much.

The solution was to break out each part of the process into individual modules of information and make each role in the process clickable, which expands that line through the process and displays the details of that role and what they are responsible for within each step. This piece was a fabulous chance for me to hone my HTML/CSS/jQuery coding skills, content architecture and UI skills.

Here is a link to a live demo of the interaction. (All of the content has been removed).

(All text-based content of this piece has been changed to protect the Capella University copyright on the material)