One Capella, Many Voices

This is a piece I made for Capella for their internal training program for new hires. It showcases approximately 35 videos, 5 or so audio clips a few written entries of employees speaking briefly about their job at Capella and why they enjoy it. For this project I edited and digitally re-touched every image and designed and built the user interface to be delivered using Flash.

The largest challenge for this piece was finding an easy way to navigate between 40+ short videos and still give a personal feel to showcase the employees. The solution was to make thumbnails for each employee with icons visually describing how their message is delivered. The thumbnails live on the left side of the screen at all times, and can be scrolled up and down to view all of the people involved. As you hover over the thumbnail the persons title appears so users can quickly see if that person's statement about Capella would be relavent to them.