Unexpected Challenges: Job Loss

This interactive houses several videos that depict a scene. At the end of the first video, the user is given three choices. Each choice has a unique video/still image animation response explaining the outcome of that choice. I created the interface, navigation buttons, and utilized the Capella propriatary video player and actionScript coding system writing XML to direct the actionScript in the background.

Challenges in this piece revolved around the structure of the navigation — when to allow users to click on the buttons, when to disable them, and how to allow them to replay the videos at any time and allow them to make additional choices at the decision point. The solution was to not show the choice buttons until the user had completed watching the initial video. When complete, the choices would slide out to the side allowing the user to choose an answer. They would then go through the response video for that choice with the other choices disabled. Once the response video was completed or stopped the choice buttons would be enabled alowing the user to choose something else and see the additional responses. The user also had the option of replaying the initial scenario at any time as well.